A sister company of Adoration Homes Franchise (built from ground up).

Earn 2 FREE month of stay in Assisted Living for every pre-paid year. If the Level of Care required each month is $4,000 (mom/dad is 75+years old) in an Assisted Living Facility (ALF)...$100K equity in a home will only last 2 years. Earn 4 FREE months is this example.

We can afford to DOUBLE YOUR STAY in an Assisted Living Facility if your love one is one of the first 3 residents who are 85+ to move into an Adoration Home prior to it being licensed for 16 Beds. Everyone else pays for regular stay after the facility is licensed.

The cost is between $4,000 to $6,000 per month, depending on Level of Care in an Assisted Living Facility or a Memory Care Facility.

If you don't want to inherit a home that is in need of repair or you don't have money set aside for long-term care, selling mom/dad's home and using the equity for their living expenses may be the key to your financial relief.

Adoration Resources will DOUBLE THE STAY when you take advantage of our Grand Opening Special for 85+, then give you helpful suggestions to SAVE more money for service that are required beyond that.

Only 3 lucky residents per location. Reserve a spot for your loved one, today!!!