TECHNIQUE #1 - Part 1 - Driving for Dollars in Granny Zone

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When I first started doing Creative Real Estate Investing in 2000, I had no money or credit so I had to borrow the money for the course, coaching program and lots of money to do deals. After borrowing $30,000 from my husband (we had just gotten married), it took me 6 months to purchased 7 properties ($1.5M in real estate).

At the end of 6 months I had $40,000. I was able to pay back the $30,000 I borrowed and had $10,000 left in the bank. That means I acquired $1.5M in real estate, with NO MONEY DOWN. The Net Operating Income (NOI) of $4,500/month from collecting rents was pretty good, too.

If I can do it, so can you!

80% of my students have no money or credit. These students stand to gain the most because they have nothing to lose.

Only 20% of students come in doing deals right away, with their own money. Now imagine that after 1 deal, all their money is gone. Then I teach them how to use OPM (Other People's Money). Do you think they'll ever use their own money to do deals again? Probably not.

There are many ways to find Vacant Properties and Motivated Sellers but Driving For Dollars (D4$) is the least expense way, if you do not have a Marketing Budget.

D4$ and walking-through properties is also great when you are just starting out in Creative Real Estate Investing because you get to see, touch and feel a tangible asset.

But the best experience of all, is the ability to make RIGHT NOW MONEY, when you close on real estate deals (using none of your own money or credit), through the proper use of NO MONEY DOWN Techniques.

Soon as you finish this lesson, you can start D4$!!!