TECHNIQUE #2 - Part 2 - Introduction to the 5 Steps to Success

TECHNIQUE #2 - PART 2 - 5 Steps to Success

What do you, now that a Motivated Sellers has responded to to your Yellow Letter or Marketing Campaign?

Before you begin learning about the different Exit Strategies, I will walk you through the 5 Steps to Success so you will know WHAT TO DO NEXT!

Those who have not purchased my Coaching Program will be able to work through deals at their own accord.

For those who are students of the Coaching Program, your text messages to me will look like this..."I finished Step 2 and uploaded the property files into google drive, please have a look. Looking forward to coming up with Exit Strategies and making offers in Step #3 on our 1-On-1 webinar tonight."

I created CREI Online School to give you the necessary tools to make a six-figure income by following a PROVEN SYSTEM so you won't need me anymore after 12 weeks.

Pay close attention to each lesson and listen/watch the videos at least 6 times to let the information sink in. Then reach out to me with any questions you may have.

Let's get started!!!